Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday - O is for Oak Leaf Floating

O is for Oak Leaf Floating............

an oak leaf floating in the ocean beside some seaweed

I know it doesn't look like it is in the water, but this leaf is floating on top of it.

The polarizer is doing such a good job, it completely removed the glare from the water and allowed us to see under the surface.

The incoming tide had a gentle flow against the rocks and the seaweed beneath the surface was slowly swaying back and forth.

I was lucky to enough to grab the shot before the leaf was pushed against the rocks by the water.

I like the splash of color that the leaf gives to the whole scene, and if you view the larger image, all of the little details become much clearer.

This is the fifth round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. The next best thing to an oak leaf floating is wishing on an oak leaf floating! (But keep your wish a secret or it won't come true!) Best wishes!

  2. This is a real autumnal picture! Orange is the colour for this month October.

  3. Lovely.....
    I just bought a filter for one of my lens and am looking forward to learning about it.
    I really like the way this photograph turned out.

  4. Really nice composition. I love the simplicity of the Oak leaf.

  5. A most gorgeous photo! I so envy your talent and knowledge since I'm only a point and shoot person!

  6. That's a beautiful picture, and yes, the polariser is doing a great job!

    I've been using one more recently, just to bring out the blue of the sky. It does cut down on the available light though, doesn't it? I found I needed much longer exposures in some cases.

  7. I love your picture! Your polarizer did a fantastic job! That bright yellow against the green of the seaweed is very striking.

  8. I took a similar shot recently but this is what I was actually trying to get. No matter how much I tweaked my shot it was nowhere near as good as this. I bow down to the master, LOL!

  9. Beautiful fall is here, and you showed us here too. Excellent image, thanks for all the good photography tips. Hope all is well, and boy I was behind, lol. Anna :)

  10. The colors of Autumn in all their glory.


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