Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Dragonflies

Happy Dragonflies

a macro of a dragonfly against the sky

There were hatchings all around our yard this afternoon.

I saw them rising from the just mowed grass, so I went out to investigate.

The flying ants were taking flight as they crawled out of their holes in the ground, and the dragonflies were having a feast.

There weren't as many around as there is in the summer - the last few nights have been really cold, and they don't do well with it.

They will be around for the next couple of days - late summer weather is predicted tomorrow for the first day of autumn

They are as welcome as these next couple of warm days are!


  1. I think this is a very pretty photo. A beautiful blue backdrop shows of its wings just perfectly!

    I noticed the dragonflies going absolutely crazy at my last fishing trip as well. They were HUGE. And quite co operative. They posed for me which was funny.


  2. Kathy, that is one happy one, lol. We don't have many either, but I found one 'dried' in my garage, looks so alive, lol. I kept it I guess. Anna :)

  3. Dragon Flies are gorgeous. I never knew they were different colors until I moved north of where I am! Loved your picture.


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