Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Keep Your Eyes Open

Friday's Photo Tip - Keep Your Eyes Open

two small brown mushrooms

This post is a bit different from my other photo tips posts, but I think a quick reminder is necessary.

If you are anything like me when the camera is up to your eye - the rest of the world becomes non-existent.

I'm concentrating on the DOF, f-stop, shutter speed, and composition and am consumed in those actions.

I'm not noticing the bystander on the bench, or his buddy that is sneaking his way towards me.

I'm holding almost $2000 in camera equipment in my hands, and I am alone in the city, taking a walk while waiting for my husband to finish up with his appointment.

It's not a good idea to close out the rest of the world when behind the lens.

We are usually together most of the time when we are in the city, and he watches over things - something that I don't even have to think while shooting images.

Until now.

Quick thinking kept me safe this time, but I think I much prefer the beasts in the woods to the beasts that inhabit the city.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can fully imagine your situation and it's potentially very dangerous!! I'm so glad things were OK for you this time...but your lesson here is really important--thank you!

  2. Great tip KML - always pays to think about your own and your kit's safety. Keep em' coming!

  3. Kathy I am so so glad you are okay. i had this happen to me about a month ago and I had never thought of it before either.

    I always carry by photo bag as I am sure you probably do too, at least most of the time. This time I had taken some shots inside the local supermarket just veggies and stuff.

    On my drive home, remember I live way out of town. It's really rare to see a vehicle come this far out of town that you don;t recognize.

    I began to notice that no matter my speed this car with two youngish males in it stayed exactly the same distance from me.

    Now, there are a ton of old gravel roads around here that have very few homes if any on them. I could just feel that they were following and I have no doubt had I turned down one of those isolated homes I would have been robbed and possibly worse.

    When they saw me make it and pull over to the little store right before you turn to come down here into the Cove. They turned around. It was scary and was also the first time for me that I actually started to realize that I needed to be much more careful.

    I miss you too!! I hope all is okay.


  4. Off topic Kathy, please forgive but I am leaving EC tomorrow night at midnight. I have your badge so I won't lose touch.

    I moved to Adgetize today. Well this is not completely off topic.

    I am wondering which Newcastle? We lived in Newcastle for about 2 years!!

    I hope you visit sometime. I really have missed you!!

  5. Excellent piece of advice. Glad that this didn't turn out badly for you.

  6. I agree when we look through the lens the rest of the world becomes fades away...and it could be dangerous!! Thanks for the advice, I for one am guilty of not thing about this...mind you I will in future.

  7. Oh dear yes! You and I are so alike in this. I, too, tend to tune out everything else when I am taking pictures -- not always a good thing. Thanks for the reminder.



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