Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Get Down to Their Level

Friday's Photo Tip - Get Down to Their Level

two small brown mushrooms

The knees and the hips aren't as flexible as they used to be, and the toes and ankles don't really like me to balance too long on them either.

But for the sake of a good photo, I assume a squatting, lunging, kneeling, or whatever position I must, to get down low enough to capture my subject.

And these guys were not easy - they were only a couple of inches above the ground.

I took many photos of them, but the most uncomfortable position yielded the best result.


  1. I like getting down in awkward positions for a good picture. I like how the mushrooms are in clear focus and everything behind is fuzzy.

  2. And your photos show it is absolutely worth all the extra effort!! The special perspective adds a lot to the wonder of these mushrooms (as in, Alice in Wonderland?!) And yes, crazy how the flexibility seems to wane some with time, darn it all!

  3. That is what I should have done when I tried to catch photos of some really great looking fungi growing at my place. Next time, on the belly I go!

  4. Great tip! I recently got another tip to lie down and take photos. I find that taking pictures from these angles put the object in a different prospect all together.

    All the best to you!


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