Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - How to Frame a Moving Subject

Friday's Photo Tip - How to Frame a Moving Subject

a military refueling plane flying above

Take a look at the photo above.

What do you notice about the plane?

Do you think the photo would have the same effect if I had framed the plane towards the right rather than the left?

It would look like it was headed right out of the picture if I had framed it towards the right.

When photographing a moving object, it is always best to give the subject "room to move" in the direction that it is headed.

The eyes tend to travel around, and leaving space for the subject to move into will give the photo balance even though there is nothing there.


  1. I never thought of this before. I actually just got my first shot of a plane flying over head when Walter and I spent the day at lake Murray.

    I will have to get them out and see where they are positioned now in my shots.

    I'm glad I read this post before I use the photo. I will do my best and hope the 3 shots I got will allow me to frame them correctly.

    Great tip again Kathy. I apologize for forgetting to mention you this week. It took me forever to get drops done yesterday. when I did get around to making my post I had a very difficult time getting things to work properly.

    LJ is working on m site right now trying to figure out why my post are changing their appearance once I hit the publish button.

    I will remember next week.
    Happy weekend!:-)

  2. great tip, hope I can remember it the next time I'm taking a picture of something moving.

  3. That's a great tip. So simple, but I never really thought about that before.

  4. I am amazed you were able to get a clear shot, I have problems period doing planes, they always come out blurry, and good tip about framing, I try to crop to make it more interesting if I screw up the initial shot.

  5. You give the best tips!! No doubt you're really helping a lot of photographers improve on many levels.

  6. Kathy best advice of the day! I will keep this in mind. I will now give many of my objects lots of room to move, lol. Kidding aside, it is great tip. Anna :)


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