Sunday, June 21, 2009

Window Boxes

Window Boxes

window boxes and pumpkins above the door

The pretty window boxes caught my eye right off. The deep purple was unusual but it fit perfectly with the gray colored clapboards on the old house. Even the flowers match.

The small orange gourds above the doorway were also a nice touch. Somebody took the time to arrange them just right.

You don't see these decorative additions on the newer houses of today.

This house is located right along the sidewalk - not even a little bit of room for a strip of grass or a row of flowers.

The doorstep is right there - no room for a container plant outside the front door either.

Determined to have her flowers, the owner chose the only option left and she did it well!


  1. Oh I love the flower boxes, like you said you don't see them much, and the color combination is eye catching.

  2. Excellent capture Kathy, I love neutral colors like that. Anna :)

  3. I love window boxes. They are so quaint and charming. I however never see any out my way.

  4. These flower boxes are not filled or maintained by a woman. They are from a Gay man living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. That accounts for the taste in flowers. Thanks for the complements.


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