Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

long blades of grass

Man oh man! It has been two weeks now, and only two days of sun.

This week's weather forecast is calling for rain all week again.

The grass is growing ridiculously fast - no chance to mow it as it is always wet.

Our nightly fox visitors are so confused with this lack of light that I caught one of them trotting though the yard this morning at 9:13. I am hoping it was on it's way back to its den to sleep the day away - I know I certainly felt like doing that.

The camera can't go out in this weather and no jaunts anywhere either - much to wet for that.

Where fore art thou summer - we are eagerly awaiting your arrival!


  1. Oh boy...I love that photo!
    It is spectacular!

  2. Thank, Dorothy - the grass here has never looked so full and lush!

  3. Really lush and vibrant green grass. Sorry the rain is dampening your summer. I hope it will end soon.

  4. oh man so thats where all the rain is! LOL. We're sooo dry here ugh our poor garden☺

  5. No matter how long the night is, the day will come eventually. I hope the Sun will be out soon over there.

  6. I can so feel your pain:) We have only had 3 sunny days in June. It's been aweful!

  7. Too much rain for you, not nearly enough for us. You'd think Mother Nature could distribute the moisture a little more evenly! Still, the green grass is a lovely product of the rain. Who wants to mow it when it looks so pretty?



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