Sunday, June 7, 2009

Purple Columbine for Green Thumb Sunday

Purple Columbine for Green Thumb Sunday

a macro of a purple columbine flower

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The pollen is out in full force now, and it didn't take long for those little yellow balls to cover the camera lens with a fine layer.

Not too overly impressed by this, I snapped a few quick shots of the beautiful Purple Columbine in the garden.

These beauties have been coming back for many years - always the deep purple with the white centers.

Well, in another garden across the yard, I now have a patch of these growing - and I didn't plant them there.

One of the birds to my feeders must have done the job for me.

And the ones growing in the new area are all one color - an even deeper purple than the ones pictured above.

It makes me wonder if they were brought from a neighbor's garden, or if the seeds were hybrid and were going back to their original genes.

Guess I'll never know, but I wonder what next spring will bring for these pretty Columbines.


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  2. Absolutely beautiful Columbine...such a delicate, veined flower...and the deep rich purple takes my breath away...I think I pulled mine by mistake when cleaning the winter hoo...

  3. Another great macro shot Kathy, we have flowers in odd places that I think the wind has carried the seeds from our main flower garden, like under benches and planters yards away where there is hardly any sunlight.

  4. Kathy splendid shot of the beautiful Columbine. What a nice name too, lol, I wonder if any one every tried to name a child like that, lol. I like reading your thoughts Kathy, Anna :)


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