Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Photo Tip - Keeping the Camera Steady

Friday's Photo Tip - Keeping the Camera Steady

the leg of a camera tripood

Camera movement - something that ruins many a good photo.

Nothing can be done to fix it no matter how much one spends on post processing programs.

Sometimes even taking a breath will cause just enough movement to blur the image.

Other than using a fast shutter speed that will capture the image really quick, the best thing to have on hand is a tripod.

Or a monopod, or a bean bag, or even a table or tree to steady the camera against.

I have used them all and even more in times of need.

The photo above is a mini tripod that I use for typical stock items. It's a table top model that works just perfectly for those indoor close shots with the white backgrounds.

When I need a steady shot, and I am outdoors and have the time, my regular size tripod comes in real handy. It is heavier and larger and takes time to set up correctly - not something I use unless I am staying put for a while.

My best traveling "pod" is a monopod with a floating ball head that allows quick movement.

It is lighter to carry around and much easier to maneuver when outside.

But one of the handiest "steadiers" I have used is a small beanbag filled with rice that I whipped up just for this purpose.

And when I forget to bring any of the above, a small empty ziplock bag (that I carry in my camera case) filled with sand or small pebbles works just fine - especially for the low, macro shots that I like to take outdoors.

And when all else fails, a tree trunk, table top, car roof, knee, or just holding my breath has worked too.

Necessity being the mother of invention - I try to keep an open eye and mind for all that is available.


  1. Wow, great idea about the beanbag, thanks!!!

  2. Hey Kathy, this is something I don't do often, as I probably should. But once I used it, I still had the vibration from pressing the button, so I used the timer to eliminate that. Excellent tip idea again, Anna :) PS....and reminder, lol.

  3. That's next on my "to buy" list. After I save up my allowances!

  4. Do you have advice on taking pictures with a digital camera. I write cookbooks and some of my recipes are stored on my blogs. I like to take a picture of a new dish to add to the post but my pictures don't always give the dish justice. Any tips?

  5. Hi Bob - I found it to be a great idea when I first heard about it too.

  6. Hi Anna - I don't use mine as much as I should either.

  7. Hi Daisy - Your Mom will find it most useful when she is helping you to pose. Almost like an extra hand!

  8. Hi Mac - I am so pleased you wrote! I visited your blog, and next week, I will use your question for this post. I can't wait!

  9. Forgive me but I'm not getting the full visual on how the bean bag would help with keeping the camera steady...could you explain just a tad bit more? I always appreciate a good trick and would love to know how to utilize this one.

    Thanks! =)

  10. Love the idea about using a beanbag to keep the camera steady - I have a very wobbly hand sometimes.

  11. I have a small pillow filled with plastic beads that I keep in the back seat of the car. On occasion I have used it to steady my camera -- including perching it at the base of an open car window and using it as a camera rest to shoot from inside the car.



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