Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wet Sand Texture for Green Thumb Sunday

Wet Sand Texture for Green Thumb Sunday

wet sand ripples at the ocean

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I was lucky enough to find this patch of sand that had not yet been disturbed by the many little feet running around in the sand.

The outgoing tide had left behind these ripples in the sand - some of them still filled with little pools of water.

Nature's art - the next time she works on this little patch, it will be totally different.


  1. What a cool shot Kathy! Isn't nature grand?

  2. I have been a fan of your photos for a while.I was tagged today so I wanted to spread some link love and tagged your site.You may play if you like but do not have to.Stop by to see the post if you wish.Enjoy the rest of your week end.

  3. Yes, Bob, nature is the best!

  4. Oh yes, this is great. I really do love the "art" of nature... it is a wonderful gallery to walk through!


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