Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Ivy for Green Thumb Sunday

More Ivy for Green Thumb Sunday

green ivy on a brick building with round windows

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Last Sunday's post showed ivy growing on an old brick building.

Here is another brick building in the same historic district of Strawbery Banke.

I like the way the ivy appears to be creeping around the side - stretching out it's long fingers and hanging onto the bricks.

I remember my grandmother lived in a brick building, and she was always arguing with the ivy outside the windows.

She didn't like it around them because of the bugs, and I could understand her concern at the time - you could hear the bees buzzing around it when the windows were open in the summer.

The screen always kept them out though, and I used to love to look out that window and watch the ivy blow in the breeze.

Watching those bugs was pretty interesting too, and having that window framed with that greenery was always pleasing to me.

When it got too much for her to bear, out would come the scissors and the ivy would be trimmed back as far as she could reach out that little kitchen window.

That is the only building I have ever been in that I could look out through the ivy rather that at it.


  1. Nice story about your grandmother. It illustrates how opinions of things like ivy on a building depend on whether you only look at it, or if you have to live with it.

    I like the 'looking up' perspective on this image, Kathy.

  2. Hi Bobbie - She really objected to it, but I was never one to argue with her about how I liked it.

    I was standing right next to the building, so the wide angle lens really came in handy for this shot.

    Take care, Bobbie!

  3. Love the story about your Grandmother arguing with the ivy,lol. Ivy is so cool great shot.

  4. Thanks, Bob - The only time she could tolerate it was in the winter - just bare sticks with no leaves. She was a feisty one!


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