Sunday, January 25, 2009

White Daisies for Green Thumb Sunday

White Daisies for Green Thumb Sunday

a bunch of white daisies with yellow centers

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I found these beauties last October.

Now, October isn't the time of year that they are usually growing in the field by my house, so I was quite surprised to find them blooming so beautifully this time of the year.

We had taken a trip to the ocean, and they were growing in a garden of one of the homes along the beach.

Perhaps it's the salt air they like, or maybe it helps to preserve them. Or perhaps they are a cultivated variety.

The wild daisies around my home are long gone by September.

It was a nice treat to find them, and such a full patch of them too - all looking bright and fresh.


  1. The daisies look so fresh and gorgeous.. :)

  2. Nice and bright. So cheerful. Great shot.

  3. Cool you caught them that late, ours die in September.

  4. Excellent capture Kathy.
    Anna :)


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