Friday, January 23, 2009

An Uplifting Sight

An Uplifting Sight

long stem red roses and white baby breath flowers

The snow banks are piled high - the dark brown starting to settle into them along the outer edges.

The cars drive by on this overcast day, splashing more of the salt and sand mixture on the banks.

As ugly as they are, we are glad to have them there as it saves us from getting that muck splashed on us as we walked along.

Winter is wearing hard this year - another extreme cold snap on the way has us dreaming of spring's warm sun and summer's gentle evenings.

And then our walk takes us by the florist shop on the corner.

The owner is quite in tuned to this dreary season and her shop has a way of taking you away from all the gray and cold of these long days.

Now, I know that it is her advertising display of Valentine's Gifts for the upcoming holiday, but I see it as my own personal oasis.

It isn't just the beautiful roses or the sunny faced daises and mums that draw the eyes to the window.

There are heart shapes of every size - some in satin, some with gold trimming, and others with big, bright bows decorating boxes that are filled with delicious chocolates.

And some of those boxes are opened - tempting one to reach through the glass for just one taste.

All that chocolate - dark and light with nuts and caramels

One glimpse is all that is needed to brighten the mood of the dreary afternoon.

The flowers, the chocolates, and knowing that one of them will find their way to our home on that special day in February makes one feel warm all over.

Simple pleasures are always the best!


  1. Oh my Valentine's already....I just put my xmas tree away - yes I am little behind, but we just had Ukrainian xmas couple of weeks ago, so I am allowed, lol. What a beautiful rose picture....And yes winter hit us hard also. Anna :)

  2. Interesting.!! Well, thanks for the link. I will certainly check out FTD.


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