Monday, January 5, 2009

Make Mine an Audi

Make Mine an Audi

tail light on an audi awd

I have been luckier than most when it comes to driving different cars - all types, styles, shapes - I have driven many.

I must say though, that when it comes to handling, which I find to be very important, there is nothing like a German engineered automobile.

A tight handling, responsive car, usually in the shape of a sports car offers the best ride and driving experience for me.

It is hard to find this type of handling in a sedan or sport utility vehicle, but from what I have read about the new Audi Q7 SUV, its performance is surprising.

Not to mention it's sleek and elegantly designed body which gives it a racy look.

Surprisingly, the interior has a third row of seats. This car's cousins, the Porche Cayenne and VW Touareg, do not offer this feature.

These seats fold, flip, and slide around into 28 different configurations - sounds like it can accomodate just about anything.

The butter soft leather is luxurious and there are many bells and whistles - enough to please everyone's taste.

The cold weather package even has a heated steering wheel to go with the heated seats - what a treat in my area of the country.

The quattro all-wheel drive that Audi is notorious for is another feature that is a must-have where we live.

Except for the hefty price, this audi q7 sounds like a dream.

But what can one expect from an Audi?


  1. Good eye for spotting this wonderful shot!

  2. Kathy every car I leased I like to photograph also, some cool photos. Excellent photo. BTW we got BMW X3 last year, nice and smooth ride, but we have not been lucky, as I think we got manufacturing lemon. I have a story to tell about it, its kind of spooky, I will let you know on story blob one day. Excellent shot. Happy New Year my friend to you and your family, hope all is well. Anna :)

  3. Had to buy me another Chevrolet truck. To do otherwise and purchase a car might violate "man ethics code"...;-) Great shots as always Kml..

  4. I have to agree with you about German-engineered cars. I am a BMW fan myself. I do like your photo. It's so "Audi-y."



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