Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Four Months of Sleep

Four Months of Sleep

a teddy bear covered up in bed

I heard it on the radio, and had to give it some thought.

They stated that we spend four months of each year asleep in bed.

It seemed like too much to me, but if you get eight hours of sleep each night, then it does work out to the four months.

Four months of doing nothing - not getting anything accomplished.

I know recharging is necessary, and don't get me wrong, I love to sleep, but it seems like such a large amount of wasted time when it's all put together like that.

Glad we spread it out, and also glad we have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Sometimes there are nights when those hours just fly by, and another day starts before you know it.

And then there are those nights that are spent tossing and turning - those hours just drag.

Forget about the nights that are full of dreams - sometimes so many of them that it feels like you never even went to sleep.

Those are the nights that I wish we had a Memory foam mattress.

We have used the memory foam pillows, and I can just imagine what a treat it must be for the whole body to sleep in such comfort.

Perhaps some day will will try one of those foam toppers that goes over the mattress - it may be just what we need for those restless nights - all four months of them.


  1. Foam toppers are great if they are not to thick, just think about that. I don't would buy a full foam mattress anymore! My back was hurting me more than on a hard mattress.:)

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  2. I've got a memory-foam mattress - I like it but I don't think it is SO great that I'd shout about it - I seem to manage only six or seven hours these days.

  3. I love your photo, Kathy!

    As for restless nights, I think I'm a resident of that kingdom! Cutting caffeine helps, taking calcium supplements helps, and keeping a sense of humor comes in handy.

    Sometimes I try to meditate and of course, doing art is happy-making (but not necessarily calming).

    I've had mattress toppers that just bunched up or sent prickly feathers out to assail my body, so I don't think one of those is necessarily part of the solution, lol...

  4. Very interesting and enlightening. Toppers are great! very snuggly...although it may cause you to sleep 4.5 months a year.

  5. While viewing the photo, I sensed myself in the wonderland. The first thought was, it would be grand if these 4 month could expand till the whole year. Your photo looks just awesome. Thank you.

  6. Lol, cute pic Kathy, let me tell you I get at most a couple months sleep, so I don't feel so bad.

  7. Hi All - thanks for all your suggestions. I think the best thing would be to go test them out in the store to see just how comfortable they are.

    Bob - too bad you can't recoup your hours somehow - but I must say - the pics and info you bring us are great! So your robbed hours of sleep are well spent!


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