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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

a plate of fudge with a holiday candle holder

The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching and the preparations have already begun.

We stopped by the supermarket this afternoon to purchase the turkey as it needs several days to thaw in the refrigerator.

Another trip scheduled for Tuesday should take care of all the food purchasing we need to do.

We will reserve Wednesday for preparing most of this food and after the giant hustle of Thursday morning, a most grand meal will be shared with the family.

It is pretty much the same each year - better not change too much - everyone counts on the traditional meal with all the trimmings.

And where everyone sits, and how the table is set are two more traditions that had better not change either.

For Thanksgiving, we usually use the turkey as the centerpiece. I have a set of crystal candle holders that I put on either side of it, and the long tapers stay lit until they get close to the decorative autumn flowers that are at their base. When the kids were young they use to love to use the snuffer to put them out when it was time.

At Christmas, the centerpiece is always a beautiful Christmas plant that my son purchases for me.
The candlesticks are once again used on either side of it - this time with decorative pinecones - the ones in the above photo.

So, for one holiday, the food is the centerpiece, and for the other, a plant or flowers.

What do you use as holiday centerpieces, food or flowers? What special table settings are part of your holiday traditions?


  1. We have a very large family and out of necessity, have always eaten family style, or buffet style. No centerpiece on the table, unless you include the bread basket, butter dish, salt and Pepper Mill.

  2. My practice is much like yours, Kathy. The turkey is the centerpiece for Thanksgiving, and at Christmas it's usually a small potted poinsettia (which later gets planted in our garden).

  3. Kathy what are you trying to do to me, lol, its 11:00 pm and on top of that I cannot eat chocolat as long as I am breastfeeding. Thanks for teasing me, lol. Anna :)


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