Thursday, November 6, 2008

Care for an Older Feral Cat

An Older Feral Cat

the profile of an orange cat in the evening light

We have been caring for this feral cat for many years now, and I fear this winter is going to be hard on him as he is starting to show his age.

He has no interest in coming inside the house, but if we are outside, he will be close by, waiting patiently for a pat, or most importantly, a meal.

We could hold the front door open all day long, and he will poke his head in, but will not enter, even after all these years.

I thought I might find some
older cat care info online for feral cats or outdoor cats, but I am not having much luck.

We will continue to care for him as long as he allows it and will deal with anything that might come along with it when it happens - hopefully not for a long while.

I did run across a website that is having a FREE Pet Photo Contest! that caught my attention.

A couple times over the past few years he has been obliging enough for me to catch a few good images of him.

Here are the details if you are interested:

Is your pet cute enough to win you $300?
Enter the Anamigo Pet Photo contest and find out.
Entries that get the most votes will win daily and weekly cash prizes.
You could win:
- Daily prize of $25. (You have 7 days to win!)
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Get your camera out and email your friends. Your furry friend could bring you in cash!


  1. You might put a box outside with a blanket in it, protected from the wind. Put his food next too it. When he gets cold, he'll have someplace to go to be warm.

  2. You are beautiful beans. What is his/her name?

    We have six of our own, they enjoy being outside, however do love coming in too. Last night I went to bed and four of them joined me, along with my dog who sleeps under the covers with us.

    Best Wishes to Ferel...


  3. Hey Kathy I didn't know that was the cat you're caring for and that you took the pic, very cool excellent shot. My cat is getting old but she doesn't like going out anymore at all, real home body.

  4. I had a big orange tabby once and he was constantly sneaking OUT...I would have to climb out a window and into an alley and then scale back up the wall w/ the cat on my shoulder and push him back into the window from which he escaped....ohhhhh, it breaks my heart seeing so many feral cats...I can only hope w/ you, that he either comes in, or finds his way thru yet another winter...keep us posted...BTW, now we know who is on your beautiful avatar!!!

  5. I hope you find a way to keep him warm and dry this winter. Also, thank you for caring for such a handsome feral kitty. People like you make this world a better place for animals!

  6. Hi Jodith - Right now he has a mat on the porch that he claims. The box is a great idea, and with his mat in there, I bet he will go in it. Thanks for stopping by with a good idea!

  7. Thanks, Tulip - we call him Rusty because of his color. He doesn't seem to mind it.

  8. Hi Bob- he is the one - and he has grown on us considerably over the years. Love to hear him purr - feels good to know he trusts us, and maybe even likes us.

  9. Thanks, Amy - I was lucky with this one - caught him right before supper, so he was willing to put up with me for a few minutes. Can't image trying to scale a wall with him - nope - he just wouldn't have it.

  10. Thanks, Beadedtail. I think we will try Jodith's idea with the box. We have a perfect spot on the porch so he will be protected. I do a lot of shipping from my home so I will have to warn the UPS man to leave that one alone!

  11. Oh Kathy the cat is so nice, it looks just like my piano teachers cat, would not guess that it was feral cat. Very interesting story about him, I guess once they are feral, they meant to stay outside....Thanks for sharing, and sorry no pets anymore, but I shoud try cutekid contest, but they want my money first...Anna :)

  12. How nice of you to care for him! Perhaps a shelter from the cold and wind would be a good idea if he will use it. Feral cats tend to seek out shelters, but since he is somewhat comfortable around you he might stay in one that you put out, especially if you keep food and water in it for him.

  13. Anna - Matthew would get my vote in a contest! You are right about the money though - always someone with their hand out.

  14. Hi Gandalf - You are right - he has had a spot under our bay window for years. It's out of the wind, but it doesn't stop the cold or the snow.

  15. We had a wild cat living on our back deck from fall til January several years ago. We already had a cat and a new baby, so we did not want another cat, but I couldn't let him starve or be cold, so we did what we could.

    We had a box with a sleeping bag inside of it. It was nice because it stayed dry inside because of the sleeping bag material. I wonder if they have little tents? I'd suggest anything waterproof at least though. Poor old guy, he's so beautiful...we have an orange kitty ourselves :)


  16. All my feline affection are for feral cats. So proud and independent... you can only do what they will let you do for them, be proud and content that you do.

  17. Isn't it amazing how they survive on their own but show a bit of affection.

  18. Wow this is very neat. I might submit MolleyPop. Puma is so black and camera shy that I could never get a really good picture.

    Sorry for being MIA...but, I simply got tired and took yesterday off.

    And I am about ready to curl up in front of the tube now again too!!

    Happy Sunday:-))

  19. Perhaps once the weather turns colder that feral cat may decide to come in just to get warm. Some though, just don't want anything to with the inside. My dad had one like that too (a big furry black Razzle Frazzle I called him). One day he did go in but then turned around and ran right back out for good. He never came in again.

  20. I've always loved you photos of this very special, very dignified kitty.


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