Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn Maple Leaves

Autumn Maple Leaves for Green Thumb Sunday

orange maple leaves in the autumn against a blue sky

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All these little beauties are gone now - thank goodness we have our cameras to capture them in their full glory.

This photo was taken later in the afternoon, and the sun was just off to my right. I was trying to get some back lighting for them - they seem to glow when you can hit it just right.

The sun was just a bit too low in the sky to accomplish the back lighting, but the leaves are still colorful nonetheless.

I find the polarizer doesn't have a big effect when the camera is in the direction of the sun. The full effect of a polarizer comes into play when the camera is at an angle - ie- 90 degrees to the sun.

You can see in this image along the left side - the blue is bluer. That area is farther from the sun.

The polarizer is my favorite filter, in fact I have one for each of my lens and leave it on them all the time.

You do have to remember though, it is a filter, and as with all filters they are an extra "layer" on the lens that the light has to travel through. Many times this affects the exposure, so adjusting this setting is sometimes necessary. Good thing for digital cameras - you can view your image and reshoot if necessary.

Also - don't be a skinflint when it comes to filters. You don't have to buy the most expensive, but go with the name brands. If you spend the money for good glass, don't cover it with a cheap filter.

You will be disappointed with the results. Quality always pays off in the end.


  1. It's a beautiful photo, filter or not. The oranges of the leaves are stunning.

  2. Hi,
    Very lovely pictures.

  3. Very nicely framed, I like the colors too - can't go wrong with orange and blue.

    The lighting is great too, back lighting is something I need to experiment with more.

    - Evan

  4. nice shot. too late for me to copy since all the leaves are now on the ground.

    I'm still learning to use the basic modes on my camera so filters have to wait. -forever- I'm a slow learner

  5. Excellent Shot Kathy, really have to get one of those polarization filters, seems to be multi purpose.


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