Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ABC Wednesday - R is for Rowboats

R is for Rowboats.............

rowboats moored along the dock

These fishermen were back early after having a busy morning.

Their fishing boats are moored in the harbor, and the only way they can get to them is by taking their rowboats and rowing out to them.

The rowboat is then moored in the harbor as they head out in the work boat.

Very early in the morning, this dock will be empty, but as late afternoon comes around, the rowboats are so crowded against this dock, the water is not visible. They are sometimes 2-3 rows deep.

Some of these boats belong to pleasure craft owners also, as there are sailboats moored alongside the work boats in the harbor.

As a rule, you can usually tell which ones belong to who. Can you tell who and why?

This is the third round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Yes the pleasure boat has the engine on it. I hope I am right.

    Hi Kathy,
    I am dropping this off and there is absolutely nothing you need do. It is simply my way of saying thank you.

    Completely hassle and work free!!:-))))

  2. Great blog and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I see one motor on the boat so maybe that's more for pleasure. Great picture for R. I like the composition.

  4. This is a wonderful shot of the rowboats. I think you'll like one of my reflection shots of two boats. :D

  5. I love that photo! There's something very picturesque about rowing boats and you've captured that perfectly.

  6. It must be amazing to see all the rowboats when they're three deep. Love the photo.

  7. Very nice shot for ABC Wednesday.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Bear((( )))

  8. I Love your rowboats....very nice.

  9. Lovely photograph.
    Thank you for your contribution to ABC Wednesday letter R.

    Bear((( )))

  10. Great shot Kathy, for some reason I thought it said Robots, mind you I have Robots on the brain half the time,lol

  11. Hi Jackie - You are correct - the pleasure craft owners usually have the motors.

    What a beautiful gift - I will post it here in the next few days. Many thanks for including me!!

  12. Thanks, Photowannabe - you are correct!

  13. Thanks, Leslie - I'll be over!

  14. @ Jay - Thanks for your kind words!

    @ Haley - Thanks!!

    @ Bear - Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Neva - Thanks!

  15. Hey Kathy, seems like ages since I been here.
    Very nice photo of the rowboats. Anna :)

  16. I see that many have already spotted the engine, So I won't mention that. My farther had a row boat which we used a lot, but here they were sharp-sterned (pointed at both ends). That made the more stable for both rowing and sailing. But you need a spescial arrangement to use a motor.

  17. Many have already spotted the engine, so I won't mention that (but it says a lot!). My father had a row boat which we used a lot, but around here they are usually sharp-sterned (pointed at both ends). This makes the more stable both in rowing and sailing - but it is more difficult to use a motor.

  18. Excellent photo, which brings back the old days for me.
    I see one boat with the oars lying loose - maybe he won't be there for long. We always tucked the oars safely away, in case they were lost. Climbing over the boats when they are moored in many rows can make them toss about.
    I guess the one with the motor is a tender for a pleasure boat.
    Thanks for visiting my post.


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