Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Lifesaver

A Lifesaver

a life preserver hanging beside a lake

There are times when I am close to pulling out my hair. Trying to figure out computer code is definitely one of those times.

And I thought it was pretty confusing in the beginning just learning what DOC files and JPEG files were.

Building a website is a whole new experience.

Not only is there html code, but there is also php and java to deal with - and everything about them must be absolutely perfect - otherwise all you will get are errors.

And dealing with the back-end of the website is a trip also. All those files with all those commands - I have spent hours on forums related to the programs I am running to find out what caused the errors and how to fix them.

And forget upgrading those programs - it is always a nightmare - I need lots of lifesavers then!

And sometimes it was nothing that I did - the webhost might have upgraded the php version or the mySQL version, and it upsets my programs - they don't understand and once again, the errors are all over the place.

I am still a novice with all these codes and languages and extensions, but I am not afraid to do research and ask questions to try to get things fixed.

Thank goodness for all the lifesavers out there in the world wide web!


  1. If not for the help of fellow bloggers, I would be totally lost. I have broken my blog more than once.

  2. It's on ongoing process that seems the more you learn, the less you know.


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