Sunday, October 19, 2008

Large Leaf with Spider for Green Thumb Sunday

Large Leaf with Spider for Green Thumb Sunday

large green leaf with a big spider

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about a large green leaf that I photographed at a country auction.

The plant had several leaves, and on one of them, a Daddy Long Legs Spider had perched himself on the edge.

I never mind seeing these spiders, they eat smaller insects that are usually pests, so I welcome them to my gardens.

Besides, they are usually more afraid of us as they run away when they see me working in the garden.

Some spider species though are quite aggressive - and those are the ones that send me running!


  1. Lovely picture. You know its funny when there is a spider in my house I freak right out, but ones in the garden dont bother me at all. I guess everything in its place. Happy GTS!

  2. I don't mind daddy long legs either. I love the bit of sky showing in the corner. Great shot!

  3. Oh this is also one of my favorites. My husband is home and he says that we are not going to wait until Christmas to buy my new camera.

    But, I am such a novice that I don't which direction to go in.

    Right now I simply can't get a shot like this.

    I would so appreciate it if you would drop me off an email or IM through EC with some information.

    I am stuck with a budget right now around $6 to 700.

    Thank so much in advance if you have time to do this.

    Fantastic shot!

  4. good picture I like those spiders too just not most of the rest

  5. The texture of the leaf in this photo is amazing and beautiful!


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