Friday, October 24, 2008

Deciding on A Fish

Deciding on A Fish

Palythoa Polyps 20+ Polyps

My sister has such a knack for maintaining the most beautiful aquarium.

The water is always crystal clear, and the fish she puts in there live for years under her care.

Of course she has names for all of them, and she knows all the specs on each one from her Black Cap Jawfish to her beloved Annularis Angel fish, and will tell any eager ear who wants to listen.

Every once in a while she will purchase a new resident for the aquarium, and this time she is looking at a Blue Spot Jawfish as she loves the color of it and it is a docile fish that will get along with her other ones.

I keep trying to talk her into one of the beautiful corals like the one above. The colors of that one are just so gorgeous, and it seems to glow from within.

She is hesitant though, as she has never had a coral in her aquarium. She has some gorgeous plants though, and doesn't know how well everyone would get along.

She assures me that she will look into it, and if it's a go, then I can choose the next resident.

I hope it's a go - I already know which one - that pretty Palythoa Polyps above!


  1. Does she have a saltwater tank? I admire folks who have aquariums. They require a lot of work but are beautiful.

  2. That coral is beautiful. I've heard that it is very hard to care for. But it sounds like your sister has an aquarium thumb!

  3. Hi Karen, Yes, it is a saltwater one and is very beautiful!

  4. Hi Waterrose - I admire her ability with the aquarium. She has the same ability with her houseplants too - just beautiful!

  5. this photo is right up my is GORGEOUS!!!...your sister is to be commended for taking such good care of her aquarium!!!

  6. Hi Amy - I love it too - the colors are my favorites - especially when they are together!

    She does do a great job with it - thank you!

  7. Wow Kathy, she is good in maintaining the water, excellent photo. Anna :)


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