Friday, October 31, 2008

Black Powder Season Has Arrived

Black Powder Season has Arrived

a trigger on an old thompson black powder rifle firearm

Black Powder season opens tomorrow in our region, and the boys are beginning to gear up.

My husband and I have already taken several hikes in the woods these last few weeks since bow season opened earlier.

We have been exploring some new places - while the boys track, I hunt down the light - looking for just the right amount for a good photo in the dark woods.

Most of the leaves have fallen so that lets in more light for photos, but it makes it noisy for hunter's footsteps.

So that means we will find the right spot - usually on a rock wall or fallen tree - and we will watch and listen.

That is when the scopes and binoculars come out so the boys can get a better view.

I use the lens on my camera to look around, but I would rather have a pair of binoculars. With the Nikon ATB Promotion that is now running, I might pick up a pair so I can get a great view too.

I am sure they would be cheaper than the lens and tripod I would like to get so my camera can capture those good views also. Besides, the woods are too dark for that kind of lens.

Perhaps Santa is listening - I will have to help him find a great deal!


  1. Black powder hunting. That sounds really challenging. You've piqued the interest of the history lover in me.

    I hope Santa is reading your blog. :)

  2. Although we no longer have our black powder gun it was always a blast to shoot it. We had a 58 caliber Connecticut Valley fire arm. I hope you all have fun this season!!:-))

  3. Haley - it is interesting. Only one shot at a time, so you have to be accurate. They also do not have the power of a rifle firearm, so distance is also important - you have to be closer. They use ramrods to get the bullets in place - it is really something to watch. To think this is how our forefathers fought in the American Revolution. Too cool!

  4. Hi Jackie - I have not fired one, but my husband and son each have their own. They sound like a cannon when they fire them - and the smoke is unbelievable!


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