Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yellow Daisy Flower for Green Thumb Sunday

Yellow Daisy Flower for Green Thumb Sunday

macro of a yellow daisy flower

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I believe this flower is from the Daisy family, but I am not a hundred percent certain.

The asteraceae family covers a wide variety of blooms such as the daisies, sunflowers, and asters.

It was in a public garden, so it is a cultivated flower not a wild one.

I found the center of this bloom to be quite unique, and I was pleased that it came out as nicely as it did.

This image was taken with my point and shoot Sony, not the DSLR that I usually use. The quality that this camera produces has always surprised me - I think the Carl Zeiss lens on it has a lot to do with that.

If you click on the image, it will bring you to the gallery where you can view it in a larger size.


  1. A perfect picture! It captures everything about Green Thumb Sunday!

  2. That is weird looking center. Maybe some 'expert' can explain it but I'm happy just looking at it and knowing nature is full of surprises :)

    I miss my old Sony DSC-S85 with the Carl Zeiss lens. It did a great job with macros.

  3. is truly beautiful KML...I dont know what the flower is....sorry i cant help u...identifying it...But is such a pleasure to the eye...its so well focused....and i like brings smile of sunshine .....

  4. Weird looking center. Something must have spilled into the gene pool :)

    I miss my old Sony SC-S85 with the Carl Zeiss lens. It did a fantastic job for a 'old' point and shoot. If it didn't die on me I'd still be using it for macros.

  5. This is a gorgeous photo. I've noticed that Gazania, Daisy, Sunflower and Rose flowers are the most photogenic. You've proved that once again for me!

  6. Such a BEAUTIFUL shot...the lighting, the clarity, the it!!

  7. Love the color produced by this camera, love all your shots, too bad a person has to have the printing in the middle of the shot.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - it is appreciated!

  9. I agree, Bob, but unfortunately I have had too many stolen. I figure this makes it a bit harder for them to remove it, and I get the advertising when they use them with it still on it.

  10. Thanks for posting such a lovely picture. I went to your Web site and love the work you have posted there.


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