Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pink Morning Glories for Green Thumb Sunday

Pink Morning Glories for Green Thumb Sunday

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This image shows a set of two pink Morning Glory flowers.

They are known for their beautiful trumpet or funnel shape, their petals open wide, revealing a glowing center.

This photo was taken in the afternoon as the blooms began to fade.

By evening, the blooms will be totally spent as they only last for a day.

The whole process begins anew the next morning as new blooms open to greet the new day.

I was a couple hours too late to capture them in their full beauty, but even as they fade their colors are still beautiful.


  1. I had to get rid of my morning glories because they were taking over, but I think they are make spectacular photos!

    Happy GTS!

  2. one of my favourite flowers you captured them beautifully

  3. Pink is pretty, but I like the blues the best! The photo, however, is lovely.

  4. Hi Angie - they do tend to wrap around anything they can find. They need a spot just for themselves!

  5. Aiyana - the blues are my favorites too!

  6. Happy GTS. It's always a good reason to stop by and then rummage through your gallery. You have too many great photos to comment on but glad to see the napping cat as the 'first' favorite.

    Flowers are nice but they don't purr :)

  7. Kathy, I have chair problems, too! Sitting all day at the PC really affects the circulation in the upper legs. I try to exercise daily, but that's not always in the cards. I wish I could work out on a treadmill with my computer connected to it.
    (They've probably invented that already, but I'm sure they're not affordable.)

    Hope you get one that enhances your comfort, real soon. Good luck finding it. Just think, we can go to the moon but it's hard to find a really well-designed, ergonomic chair!

  8. Gorgeous! This reminds me of my childhood. When I was growing up in California, we had morning glories growing in our backyard. I loved them. Don't really see them in Texas :(

  9. I'd like to have some morning glories in my garden. I've always liked them. The ones in your photo certainly have a delicate color.



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