Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knitting Gifts

Knitting Gifts

knitting needles and pink yarn

As the summer draws to an end, and the kids head back to school, I always get to thinking about the upcoming holidays.

I know it seems early, but I like to make many of my gifts, and that takes time.

Once I find what I want to make, whether it be knitted, sewn, or embroidered, I need to get the supplies and get to work.

As the holidays draw closer, everybody gets homemade candies as gifts too, so all the crafts have to be finished up by my deadline of black friday 2008, which is the day after Thanksgiving.

By that time, I know that I need to finish up getting the rest of the gifts, which I usually like to do online.

I gave up shopping in stores this time of the year long ago. The crowds are too much, and if I plan it right, by shopping online, I get the items in plenty of time for the holidays.

In between the online purchases, the candy making begins in earnest. We have to get all the mailed gifts done first so they can receive the treats in time also.

It is all a carefully timed process, and the earlier I get going on it the better!


  1. Beautiful, cozy photo...pink, of course being one of my favorite colors...wow you really plan ahead...we're off to NYC for a few days, and I'm feeling a little frantic...the HOLIDAYS...YIKES...way too much going on for the next month to think about that!!!


  2. Good photo..a big sized one will look just as good.

  3. You're making me feel guilty with all this pre-holiday industriousness! Hey, it's only August, Kathy. (And anyway, I never did learn to knit...)


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