Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Counting Steps

Counting Steps

a manual pedometer for counting steps

Getting out and walking has been something I try to do on a regular basis. For many years I used to clip-on a pedometer to count my steps and track my distance. It had to be attached to my waist, and it would fall off quite a bit during the day as I moved around.

The new cell phone I purchased this spring has a pedometer and distance tracker built into it, and keeping it in my pocket has been a habit since day one.

My husband usually comes along with me as we walk our dirt road, and he mentioned to me the other day that we have been walking this same road for over 26 years.

I think he is getting bored with our route, so I have been thinking about getting us involved in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

It's only a couple of miles, and it's in the fall when the weather is cooler and more comfortable for walking.

Although little was known about this illness in her time, my great grandmother suffered from Alzheimers. I am sure with today's medicines and care, her last few years could have been much more comfortable.

Getting out and moving will be good for us and we will be helping others who suffer from this illness.

I think he will agree to accompany me on this walk too!

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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  1. Hey I'm so glad I found your post. I just created a walk team.


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