Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ABC Wednesday - F is for Fudge

F is for Fudge.............

a plate of homemade chocolate fudge

Creamy, homemade chocolate fudge with walnuts - it melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting another piece.

My aunt used to make this sweet treat when I was a young girl, and I was hooked from my first bite.

I made it for the first time when I was 13, and I was so nervous I was going to end up with soup, but she kept assuring me if I followed the directions exactly, it would turn out perfect.

She was right of course, and I can't tell you how many batches of this I have made over my lifetime.

Just at Christmas time alone, I make about half a dozen batches. And that doesn't include the peanut butter fudge, caramels, toffee, or sugared pecans.

All I have to offer you my friends is a virtual piece - but rest assured it tastes as good as it looks!


This is the third round of ABC Wednesday. If you would like to join in please visit this site for the details.


  1. Fudge simply rocks my socks. Love it!

  2. Elaine here: O yum - thank you! :)

  3. i love vanilla fudge, but i'll settle for a piece of that...

  4. looks delicious! Fudge is great stuff!

  5. That looks great, but the best fudge in the world comes from Mackinac Island, Michigan. You can order and have it delivered to your door:

  6. Oh my!!
    Can I come to visit you at Christmas time?
    Do you have the recipe posted For this Fine Fudge?

    BEar((( )))

  7. mmmmmmmm I want a piece please.

  8. Yum! My mom is a master candy maker, especially at Christmas. I guess because of that I never got the hang of it. Today my contribution is about a special farm that used to located near my town in Coastal BC. I invite you to come see. -- Margy

  9. Mom opened the page, saw the fudge and and said "mmmmmmmm".

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Do you do any without chocolate as I am alergic to it!

    Just love the smell of fudge.

    Thanks for this contribution,

  11. Fudge is my fave, nice shot, and no joking, going to pick some up right now,lol.

  12. The picture is really tingling my tongue. I love Fudge like anything...

  13. Ok, that picture has tempted me long enough. Time to put up some spinach or something blah. LOL Just kidding.

  14. I thank you all for visiting and am glad you enjoyed the fudge!

    @bear naked - I have made a note to post the recipe on my other blog - It will be on in the next week or so.

    @Denise - I do have another kind - it's the most delicious peanut butter fudge! I will post it and the recipe on my other blog also.

    @Bob - I hope you found some!

    @Karen - haha!! I'm sure I can find something really boring - but the sweet tooth rules!

  15. F is for fantastic looking fudge.

    Willy is hungry. Can you email me some.

    10-4 Hillbilly Willy

  16. Okay Kathy it is two o'clock in the morning, and I really need to see this fudge, lol. You know I been breastfeeding so I am not allowed to eat chocolate, something to do with digestive baby's enzymes being not available yet. I have such cravings lately, and this picture did it, lol. However, kidding aside, this is my all time favorite pic of yours. Anna :)

  17. Oh Anna - I am so sorry for the temptations. I remember being in the same situation - chocolate didn't sit well with the babies even when I was pregnant. We all make up for it now though!


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