Monday, June 30, 2008

A Never Ending Job

A Never Ending Job

sweeping off the welcome mat

The last thing that visitors see before they come through my front door is the Welcome mat outside the door stoop.

It collects much of the dirt that gets tracked into the house from our dirt road, driveway, and walkway.

When my daughter was in grammar school she interviewed me as a class project, and one of the questions she asked was, 'What appliance could you not live without?'

I immediately answered my vacuum cleaner - to which she rolled her eyes and said nobody else's parent was going to say a vacuum cleaner.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a lesson I went right into action. Out came the Dirt Devil and we not only took care of the floor, but we used the attachments for dusting the bookcase without removing the books.

We sucked up her pencil shavings, the cat hair on her sweater, and the cookie crumbs in the corner of her chair that she tried to hide.

She excitedly brought me into her bedroom to point out the dust on her beanie baby collection - no problem I said as we stretched up to the shelves to get their little heads.

The next thing we knew, the little mini ones that were hiding amongst the regular ones, started to clog up the the hose as they got sucked up.

We spent the next half hour fishing them out of that hose with an uncoiled clothes hanger. She was fretting they were going to be no good, and I was just thankful they hadn't made it into the cannister part yet with all the dirt.

She is now grown and furnishing her apartment and chose me as her companion to help her pick out her vacuum. She doesn't let me forget about that lesson as we look for the one that has the best Energy Star rating.

Like her Mom, she knows that vacuuming is a never ending job and a good one will become her best cleaning buddy.


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  1. I like our Dyson cos when you see all the dust whirling around inside the transparent container you feel you are really doing some serious good!

    (Thanks for being in the Comment Rush yesterday, you made my day)

  2. You are very funny to go into such detail about vacuuming...BUT, I would have to agree w/ you on all counts..glad to know you've raised a daughter w/ good vacuuming genes!!!!

  3. I like this picture. Very creative!

  4. Very nice, the broom and matt are a cool contrast Kathy, well done !!

  5. I have a golden retriever, if I didn't have a vacuum, I couldn't have the dog!

  6. Lol, great writing, love your picture too, great idea.

  7. thanks! you're one of my top droppers. cheers!


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