Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Motorcycle Exhaust

Motorcycle Exhaust

a macro of a rear motorcycle wheel with exhaust

For as long as we have been together, we have enjoyed many hours and miles on a motorcycle.

We have been through several different brands and styles over the years, but one thing has remained constant with each one - close attention has been paid to our motorcycle safety gear.

My husband has always kept our bike in top mechanical performance as well as insisting on motorcycle helmets for anyone who gets on his bike.

Before we started our family, I was almost tempted to get my motorcycle license, but being a passenger and helping my husband as an extra set of eyes while he is driving worked for me.

My son is now of age to get his license. A motorcycle safety class is now required by the state in order to do so, so I have been thinking again about that license.

Even if I don't actually get the license, having the training under my belt would be a valuable thing.

I have always been impressed with my husband's handling of any bike he has driven - he is very responsible and careful, and having over forty years of motorcycle driving experience isn't too shabby either.

Time for me to do some cleaning up of my hjc ac-12 carbon helmet and for my husband to finish the couple of small repairs left to do on our bike.

Then look out summer - here we come!


  1. I can't discern from your post whether you or your husband have ever had an accident while riding. I just got my Ohio temps and the last time I rode was as a teenager. I'm now 54 and hopefully a whole lot more mature. I'm sure there has to be riders that have perfect records but I have a friend who says theres only two kinds of riders- those who have laid the bike down and those who will. I know I didn't quote him exactly but I think you get the idea.

    Anyway- my goal was simply for me and my service dog to be able to travel out west.

  2. Hi Haveavoice - In his early years as a teen rider he had spills - not seriously. He has had blow-outs, brake failure, chains breaking, clutch freeze-up, and not to mention tons of near misses from cars who didn't see him - and managed to keep the bike up without panicking. He did dirt biking in all types of weather with all types of stunts, and was lucky there too. His handling has always been sharp - for which I am thankful!
    Enjoy tour travels - nothing like a bike!

  3. Such a good post here. I always discuss safety issues with the children I teach! I too am blessed with a good safe rider in my hubby! I too wonder about taking a CBT test...but I did have a go with a poor instructor who broke my confidence...the greatest sin any teacher can do!

  4. Awesome - thanks for including me! You're the best. Hope you are doing well. MAN Exhaust


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