Friday, June 13, 2008

Low Tide

Low Tide

a bridge at low tide

This shallow end of the harbor borders a huge marshland. When the tide is high, you would never guess it is this shallow.

Not much sand here - mostly small rocks and many shells.

Most of the shells are snail and blue mussels that have been broken into tiny pieces.

You can see the beautiful green marsh grass beyond the bridge and one of the many water canals that run for miles all through the marsh.

Looking at the rocks supporting the bridge, it is easy to see the high tide water line as the rocks are much darker.


  1. Neat shot Kathy, I got hung up on a reef in the Florida Keys once for not understanding low and high tides very well !! ;)

  2. This is beautiful. Really reminds me of some of the low tide flats I explored on the NH coast as a kid. You are right about the different look at high tide vs low. It can be dramatic.


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