Sunday, June 22, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Pink Wild Roses

Pink Wild Roses for Green Thumb Sunday

pink wild roses in the summer

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This little Wild Rose bush has been with me for over 16 years.

We picked it up towards the end of the summer planting season. It was on clearance, and it wasn't looking too strong or healthy. For the price I took it home with me.

She has bloomed ever since I put her in the ground - including that first season.

The buds are so tiny, and there are many on each branch. When they open, they are the most vibrant pink with little white centers. They only last a couple of days until they begin to fade and the petals drop off. Surprisingly, there is no scent to these roses.

She is in full bloom right now and is absolutely gorgeous. She has new buds appearing and will continue to bloom on a much smaller scale during the entire summer.

This little bush has brought much joy over the years!


  1. The blossoms look a lot like 'Carefree Wonder.' So pretty. Love the story of how you got her. Happy GTS.~~Dee

  2. Wild roses always remind me of my grandmother. Her wild rose had more white than yours, but of all the flowers she had, I always remember the wild rose the best. One thing I learned from experience (even though she told me ahead of time) was wild roses will shed their petals if picked, unlike other roses.
    Happy GTS,

  3. Hi Kathy, those roses around my place do have scent, may be the one we have are a bit different. Very nice photo of them. BTW thank you so much for your visit to my blog. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, you know how it is now, but I also had some difficulties writing comment on your blog just wouldn't display the comment box, so I finally tried opening in new window and it finally worked. You know I am so happy and blessed to have such a nice baby, just really happy. Anna :)

  4. The flowers look quite a bit like my William Baffin rose but it sounds like your flowers are tiny. Lovely. Any scent?

  5. Such a beautiful flower! I have a hedge with roses similar to that one and I love it...


  6. So lovely in it's simplicity. It reminds me of one I had planted in CA when we lived there.

  7. Beautiful image and subject Kathy, great work !!

  8. Apparently, your wild roses are very, very happy w/ you as well!!!!

  9. They are beautiful Kathy, we have similar ones at the Mall I work at, never tried smelling them, will have to try now, when no ones looking of course,lol.


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