Friday, June 6, 2008

Gifts for a Devoted Letter Writer

fence post at the ocean with grasses overhanging

Writing letters is one of my Mom's favorite things to do. Once a week for over forty years she kept up correspondence with her mother-in-law until she passed away last year. She is still in contact by letter to several of her high school girlfriends also.

It is something she always took seriously, and growing up we were always in awe that she was so diligent about it.

In this day of modern technology, her letters are always welcomed and much enjoyed.

I am sure that many of her letters have been kept over the years by her recipients as she always chooses beautiful stationary and cards for her correspondence.

We always know that she enjoys stationary as gifts - but we have to be sure to get the right kind - not just anything will do for this letter-writing of hers.

I think this year I will be using many of my images like the one above and have them put into Photo Card Stationary for her.

By using a card like one of these:

I can have any of my images put on the front. The inside can be left blank and she can write to her heart's content.

She really enjoys this type of stationary so I think she would be pleased to have some custom made just for her.

I may add a few for special occasions too so she won't have to run to the store when she needs to send her cards.

Now to make the choices - this will be the fun part!


  1. I think that is a pretty awesome Idea. I bet your mom will get quite a kick out that.


  2. What a brilliant idea for a present I am sure your mum will love them!

  3. I have done the same thing as gifts for christmas and just because. Right now I'm making bookmarks with scripture verses for our Bible Study group. Lots of work but also satisfying and fun.

  4. Kathy what a great idea, I'm going to look into it myself, I like how you did your depth of field on your fence post shot, see I'm learning all about photography terms,lol.

  5. Thanks, BMW - I think she will like them.

  6. Photowannabe - it is fun putting these things together!

  7. Kmi:

    Writing letters is a wonderful thing for your mother to do. Everyone likes to receive a good letter, especially when the author has taken the time and trouble to use nice stationary. It's more personal that way - like someone actually cares about you.

    You have a nice site, and great pictures.

    Happy trails.

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  9. i remember those hours we spent trying to find the right card. these day we send just an e-mail or sms and everything is ok in a second. some times i believe that technology working against relationship, or not?


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