Friday, June 6, 2008

Empty Tables

Empty Tables

empty picnic tables at the ocean

We arrived early in the season at the ocean park we like to go to.

The picnic tables had all been stacked away for the winter, but once the snow had disappeared, they were put out in the park's grassy area.

It was still early enough in the season that they hadn't been spread out all over the park.

From the picture it looks like a nice day, but it is quite deceiving.

The wind was so cold coming off the water but that did not deter us.

We drove over an hour and a half to get here, and we were determined to have our picnic.

I am sure the few passers-by, that had also braved the cold day, thought we must have been out of our minds.

We enjoyed it nonetheless!


  1. Was it windy while you were eating? Once when we had a picnic near the ocean on a windy day we could hardly eat our food. Every time we took our hands away from our picnic plates, the wind would try to flip them over! Hope your picnic was a little less trying.


  2. This photos very nice and looking for very amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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