Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Unlocked

U is for Unlocked.............

an unlocked combination lock

My son came home from the hardware store with a deal too good to refuse.

It was such a good quality lock, solidly made, hardened steel, the list goes on....

There was only one problem - no combination to get it opened - hence the great deal.

No problem, says my husband, we can just keep trying different combos till we get it.

I wanted no part of it - no time for that nonsense!

Bless my daughter's heart, while watching TV, she was fiddling with it, starting with the higher numbers rather than the lower ones - and surprise - she got it!

Persistence pays off as they like to remind me!


  1. What an amazing story -- smart girl you have there...

  2. Ok until she forgets it again _ I used to have several credit cards but don't use most of them now as I can't remember the pin numbers.

  3. What a stroke of luck! I wonder what the odds are of happening upon the right combination?

  4. Wow! With all the different combos, it's a miracle she got it so fast! Hope you wrote it down fast, too. :D

  5. Ackworth - we quickly wrote it down!

  6. Very smart girl! And a very nice U-post:)

  7. My hubby said 'piece of cake'. He works in a hardware store and even the £30 ($60) combination locks can't keep him out. His boss was gobsmacked to say the least!

    He says it was because he kept forgetting the combo for his bicycle lock as a kid so he learnt how to fiddle them!


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