Friday, May 9, 2008

The Rose

The Rose

a red rose against a white background

After 25 years of marriage he still brings me flowers.

I can remember the first time he surprised me with a bouquet - light purple and dark purple lilacs picked on his way home from work.

There have been many different flower surprises through the years, and I have loved and appreciated each one.

I have always hated to see them pass though. The rose petals were always dried and saved until their scent had passed.

I also know that once a bulb flower was picked, that was the end of it's life - it needed to dry and have its goodness go back into the bulb in order for it to bloom again.

It took a couple bouquets of wildflowers for us to realize that they were okay to have outside, but once in the house the pollen worked on our noses and allergies. Not to mention the little bugs that had homes in them, and were now in our home too. We wasted their life by picking them, as they had to be brought back outside.

I remember the first time he brought me home a silk rose. I had never given much thought to silk plants, but this one looked so real - I was impressed.

I was once again touched that he thought about my feelings and allergies before surprising me with some flowers. The silk flowers made more sense, they were non-allergenic and they lasted longer than real ones, and above all the real ones could still grow happily outdoors.

I have grown to love his little surprises even more - how lucky I was to have him enter my life all those years ago. Looking forward to another twenty-five years with the man who still brings me flowers!

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  1. That is so romantic. Great picture to remember it by too!


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