Sunday, May 11, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Snake on a Log

Snake on a Log for Green Thumb Sunday

a garden snake on a log

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Walking past the woodpile, a small movement caught my eye.

This little garden snake had been napping, and it raised it's little head as I passed by.

It stayed nice and still so I could capture a photo - I just wish I had included the tip of the tail that leads off the bottom of the image.

I have only seen it there once - but I keep waiting for it to surprise me when I least expect in a new spot in the yard.


  1. If I saw that snake I would have jumped 10 ft. Whether they are dangerous or not, snakes scare me to death. Great picture though!!!

  2. I would not have taken a picture. . .. I would have ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could!

    You do lovely photography though. :D

  3. I felt compelled to enlarge the photo--and now I wish I hadn't. I even shudder at photos of snakes. It is, however, kind of pretty! Happy GTS,

  4. My eight year old loves snakes, he will get a kick out of this, very nice work !!

  5. Great shot, Kathy. Very nice detail. How good of the snake to pose for you in such an interesting way. (Do you know that we have no snakes here in Hawaii?)


  6. Fantastic pic!!! Snakes are fairly common around here, venomous and non-venomous, but as long as they keep their distance, I'll be happy. :)


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