Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Purple Lilacs

Purple Lilacs for Green Thumb Sunday

purple lilacs in the spring

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There is nothing sweeter in the spring than the smell of the lilacs.

We transplanted these purple lilacs to our home over 23 years ago.

The state had just passed a proposal to put in ramps to the highway, and they took the three homes that were on the land they needed by eminent domain.

One evening after work, my husband and I stopped and dug up some of the shoots of the most beautiful, thick and full, lilac bushes we had ever seen.

The next week they had been all been plowed over as the houses were destroyed so the highway work could begin.

They had been moved around our yard several times as they grew - and after ten years of having them here, they had still never bloomed.

My sister-in-law was always as anxious as I was each spring to see if we would get blooms.

Seventeen years after they were planted, my sister-in law passed away in the early spring, and those lilacs bloomed for the first time.

I truly believe she had something to do with that - and each time I catch their sweet scent drifting in through my kitchen window, I think of her.


  1. This photograph of the purple lilacs are beautifully composed and the lighting is perfect!

  2. Lilacs are wonderful, such a heartwarming story.

  3. What a lovely story!
    And what gorgeous flowers!

  4. The lilac photo is lovely, and your poignant story is moving.
    Happy GTS,

  5. Nice story, and a really lovely photo, Kathy. My grandmother had lilacs (both the purple and white ones) at her place when I was a little girl. I still associate lilacs with my grandmother.



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