Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fishing Pants

Fishing Pants

teen fishing at the ocean wearing jeans

Today is going to be a great day! I am my owner's lucky fishing pants since that is what I always do when I am worn. I am his favorite Dockers by far for these adventures and I proudly display my stains, holes, and tattered ends.

I do hope, though, that he decides to go ocean fishing instead of river fishing today. Last time, I was inside those rubber pants that keep me dry, and all I did was overheat. The cool water against the rubber pants felt good, but I could not breath, and it got very uncomfortable.

A stop at the fish market makes me believe we are headed for the ocean. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun now.

A gentle breeze greets us as we head out on the breaker wall for the morning - climbing and jumping from one giant boulder to the next.

We found our spot, and the tide was high - just perfect - we should be lucky today!

The hook is baited and then cast into the water. I feel a dampness as wet fishy hands dry themselves along my sides. Oh well, this is part of my job, I will gladly smell like fish for the honor of being the lucky fishing pants.

We spent a peaceful morning sitting on the sun-warmed rocks. The fish keep eating our bait, and we kept trying to snag them - but no luck. But that is alright with me, because I know that next time, I will still get to go fishing - I am his favorite fishing pants!


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