Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Shrimp

S is for Shrimp .......

a macro of cooked shrimp

These guys very rarely go on sale, but when they did, we treated ourselves to a tasty lunch.

I like to have them just as they are. Dipped in a bit of cocktail sauce they are just perfect.

I have also put them into hot dog rolls with lettuce and a bit of mayo.

Lined up in the roll, they are quite attractive, but are messy to eat.

The color of these shrimp was just perfect and they made for a great macro image.

Would love to have some now!


  1. oh my ... definitely perfect (and yummy!)

  2. I don't like shrimp but your photo is wonderful.

  3. Great photo. We have been stuck out here on the road in some hard places to grab some good shots.

    But we have a terrific long run coming up to California. I hope to be able to get some shots in.

    LOLZ...blogging and doind photography while in a big truck on the road is definitely a challenge.

    When you're 80 feet long you just can't pull over everywhere.

    My last good shot Oklahoma Sunset was taken while travelling down the highway. I got lucky!!:-)))

  4. Wow... Kathy they do make a cool image and tasty one as well, great work !!

  5. yikes. you've given me a sudden urge to make scampi

  6. Even the color looks yummy. I wish I had some of them inside my tummy!

  7. Yummi!
    Great macro.
    I like to eat shrimps on a slice og bread together with mayo and lemon.

    My S

  8. tasty shrimps, or prawns. Loving them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. OK. Now I'm drooling. I love me some yummy crunchy salty shrimp. YUM.

  10. What a great photo! So colorful! You made me hungry!
    My S is here
    And here

  11. Kathy you got the colors just right, love shrimp, one of my fav foods.

  12. Ummm Yummmm, great macro and the color is perfect. I just had an all you can eat shrimp buffet for dinner at the local casino. it was so good.

  13. SLURP!! Love them in Fajitas!!


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