Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Quick

Q is for Quick .......

lacrosse players quickly running

Lacrosse is such a quick paced sport.

It requires a lot of running - this team practices after school for two hours everyday.

Many of the rules for hockey apply to this game that is played on a field.

They all wear protective padding under their uniforms, as this is a very contact sport.

The first time I watched it I wasn't prepared for the amount of hitting that went on with those sticks.

It is interesting to watch, and my son enjoys it so.


  1. "Louis" is amazed at how many variations on the Q theme bloggers are coming up with! Excellent choice for Q Wednesday!

  2. I have never seen Lacrosse played, but it looks interesting.

  3. I've never watched a Lacrosse came but it sounds very quick and exciting. I love hockey so I should like Lacrosse if I get a chance to see a game.

    I chose to use nearby Quadra Island for Q. It is a fun vacation destination that you can see by clicking here. – Margy

  4. Great shot Kathy, love to watch and used to play many a yarn ago.

  5. Nice shot and great choice for Q!

  6. Lacrosse is actually Canada's official sport even though most think it's hockey. Good one today!

  7. LaCrosse is very big here.....and it is unbelievable for hitting! wow....nice photo....and I hope your son is QUICK QUICK QUICK.
    mine is here.

  8. Hah! Clever entry for "Q." I wouldn't have thought of that one.


  9. This is a game I have never played. Great choice for a Q!


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