Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Wednesday - M is for Morning Glory

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M is for Morning Glory .......

macro shot of a blue morning glory

The delicate Morning Glory only lasts for a few hours, so being an early bird is necessary to capture them in full bloom.

I find that mine are usually crawling with ants and they make it even more difficult to get the perfect shot.

The depth of field could have been better on this one, but I like the rippled edges and the glowing center nonetheless.


  1. What wonderful colour! And a great pic. Congratulations

  2. waking up in the morning and be greeted by this blue blue glory. how nice!

  3. Wow, love the colors and too cool is the light coming out of the flower. looks like a lamp.

  4. This is magnificent. It seems to glow from within. Excellent!


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  6. Beautiful colour and light, I love it.

  7. The glowing center is great. When you say they last only a few hours, do you mean the bloom is completely spent, or that it closes for the day? Please forgive my gardening ignorance. :)

  8. Lovely indeed, and worth waiting for.


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