Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Overcast Morning at the Ocean

Overcast Morning

overcast morning at the ocean breaker wall

This image was taken this past summer on a trip to the ocean. You probably recognize this area from past posts as it is one of our favorite places on the seacoast.

The boys spend time fishing while I comb the area for photos. It doesn't matter how many times we return to this same spot, new photos always await me.

Since joining Entrecard a couple of months ago, I have discovered many new blogs and have had many return visitors to my blog.

I would like to thank all my new readers, and each month, I will be posting a link to the website of the top 10 visitors through Entrecard.

CK Marketing
Blanca Debree
Lee Doyle
An Unsuspecting Notebook
Photos From Northern Norway
Daisy the Curly Cat
EZ DIY Electricity
Urutora No Hi

They are a great collection of blogs with a little something for everybody. Enjoy!!

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  1. What a beautiful photo. It's so peaceful.

  2. Hey, thanks for the linkback.

    very nice photo... Id love to have that view from my window.

  3. Thanks, Lee - I would like to have it from mine too!

  4. Kathy I do recognize. So nice and sharp, thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  5. Beautiful pic Kathy, we don't see much water here in Saskatchewan where I am, nice to sea.


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