Sunday, March 30, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Moss Covered Root

Moss Covered Root for Green Thumb Sunday

large root covered with green moss

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This shot was taken last spring and there is so much snow still on the ground this year, it will hard to find this sight any time soon.

So looking forward to spring arriving!


  1. Interesting photo. Happy GTS,

  2. That's a beautiful shot! I'm also looking forward to Spring arriving.

  3. Kathy, I love, love, love this shot. The moss green contrasted with the dry brown leaves just works!

  4. Awesome shot! I hope warm spring gets there soon!

  5. Kathy, spring does seem late in arriving. Even though we had a mild winter here, I can't WAIT for some warmth and to see things in bloom. (Only my allergies will detract from the joy, lol...)

    I love to photograph moss and lichen, too, as you may guess.... :)

  6. Hey Kathy this is one of my favs of yours, looks very cool, and I can't see any snow around,lol.

  7. It was just few days ago too Kathy, that I noticed some green moss on the trees. A sign of spring in addition to birds. Anna :)

  8. What a lovely moss photo! Haven't seen much moss yet but its spring already.... Sorry for the late comment and tomorrow is already GTS =) TC!


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