Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - After the Storm

After the Storm

the tree and field after a summer thunderstorm

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  1. Oh, great captured! Love the light in that photo!

  2. Wow! Amazing...

    I want to start photography of my own. Can you rate my photos here?


  3. Stunning shot - I love the crisp colors, and the stark tree in the foreground. Happy WW!

  4. Love the little tree great photo, the tree looks like I feel after a hard day at work,lol.

  5. Beautiful pic and I know exactly the type of light you're talking about....nothing to beat it. :)

  6. Lifecruiser and Serena - That light only comes once in a while and it's great!

  7. Bob - You always make me smile!!

  8. I feel just the way you do about the gray-green light after a storm, when the sky is still brooding and blocking out the sun...

    Great capture!

  9. Hi Kathy! Nice photographs you put up here. I can't remember if you have commented on my site or if I recognize your blog and name from Anna's MyOnlyPhoto. (One of my favorites.) But I see you are participating in Wordless Wednesday. I started a couple of weeks ago and have been quite surprised at the number of WW visitors that have dropped by.

    Did you know about using the Mister Linky tool to encourage WW visitors to leave their link? Then you can follow them back to their own sites and leave your WW link there for others to find and follow. It gets me quite a few new visitors each week. I just started using it, but it seems to work well. I wrote about it in my post on February 1st. That post is about a similar, new monthly blog event I am starting. I plan to use the Mister Linky tool on that also.

    Take Care - Will


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