Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dragon Fly

The dragon flies have returned in droves this summer. It is good to see them buzzing around and gently landing on the tall grasses and flowers.

Green Dragon Fly

While swimming last night at the lake, they were flying over our heads above the smooth as glass lake water. Once in a while they would land on us and the smaller ones would even land on top of the water - which was not too good for a couple of them.

Approximately 3 feet away from me, a small one was on the water, and a fish came up and made him his dinner. It was such a beautiful sight to see that fish come out of the smooth water that close to me - barely a ripple as he turned back under and swam away.

I felt really bad for the little dragonfly, but the gift that I had just been given was spectacular. It did make me a bit nervous though to know that something that big was in the water next to me, and I had no clue.

Even if I had a waterproof camera to take in the water with me, that action was so fast and unexpected, I could never had captured it, even if I was prepared. This is one image that will remain in my mind's eye, with me just wishing I could share it. It was beautiful.

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