Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wild Violets

These little Violets have spread wildly over my backyard. They are a very tiny, delicate wildflower that is the most beautiful shade of purple.

Purple Violet Wildflower

About six years ago, my daughter and I were finishing a weekend of a Girl Scout camping trip. We had admired these little wildflowers during our time at the campground, and as we were leaving she inquired if we could take a small patch to transplant in our garden at home.

Since there were so many of them all around, we carefully removed a patch and brought it home. She immediately planted it in a raised flower bed in the backyard.

These little violets have spread all through the garden and into the grass beyond. The greens and purples are just beautiful and the lawn mowing had to be delayed until their season had past.

Purple Violet Wildflower

When my daughter gets her own home in a few years from now, I am sure the first plant in her garden will be some of these sweet little beauties that we transplanted here years ago. After all - there are plenty to share!

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